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The world as we know it is transforming. More and more people are becoming aware that an entirely new world is possible. A world where poverty is non-existant, where food is freely available and where money just isn't necessary. You can see more at www.MakingABeautifulWorld.com.

Various groups around the world are working hard to show people a new way of thinking, so we are not locked into limiting beliefs. So that we can recognise, and KNOW and FEEL, that we are Infinite Divine Beings having a Human Experience.

My journey started as a teenager, reading Lobsang Rampa books. Then, decades later I learned that money is created from thin air - now that is common knowledge. Then people such as Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, Christian Pankhurst, Debbie Ford, David Icke and countless others popped into my view, along with the Access Consciousness group. A soon to be created website www.EnlighteningPeople.com will have more details.

And to tie some of the various activities of these wonderful people together, there is the fledgling www.EnlighteningActivities.com website, which has calendars showing talks and activities in local time. Anyone can add to these calendars to spread details to others.

This website is to connect the growing number of people that know we can do it differently - who know change is inevitable, and that a better world is possible. As Neale Donald Walsch says, we must become visible - we must show ourselves, and be the light so that others can see there is another way. So please enter your details and meet other people, who might be just around the corner!

If you prefer, you can use the www.ConnectingAccess.com, www.ConnectingCWG.com, www.ConnectingHeartCircles.com or others. See here for a list of other "Connecting" Websites.

Let's go on this fascinating journey to make a beautiful world.


Clement (Clem) Clarke

clemclarke (at) gmail.com


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Thoughts create things. People and the Universe reflect back to us what we have created. Therefore thinking beautiful thoughts will bring beauty to you.


Clement (Clem) Clarke

clemclarke (at) gmail.com